Advertiser Information

Advertising in a Realtor Networking Folder is a smart business decision because people spend more money when buying a home than at any other time in their life. If you are a lender, a closing attorney, a home inspector, or an insurance agent, virtually every person who receives a folder will need your service. Network Publications folders are the best targeted advertising available to you.

If you are a landscaper, a home builder, an air conditioning and heating professional, or have any other related business that a homeowner would need — then the people using our folders are the people you need to reach. Decisions on improvements to new homes are most often made prior to the purchase. Financing these improvements is often built right into the mortgage.

If you are a dentist, chiropractor, financial planner, or offer any other professional service, your ad in a networking folder reaches the people new to town before the move in. Remember — they see your ad at the same time that they are looking at their new home.

The best time to reach these important prospects is just before they buy.


The SMART FOLDER™ links your ad to the internet

SMART FOLDER QR CodeNetwork Publications SMART FOLDER contains a barcode that links your website to person buying a home. Every SMART FOLDER has a one click link to the Network Publications Realtor Referrals page using a smart phone. As an advertiser we can include a QR barcode in your advertisment.