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Network Publishing folders are more than just good branding for your business. Your ability to sell real estate is greatly enhanced by the network of businesses with which you surround yourself. A prospective buyer will need a mortgage, a closing attorney or title company, a home inspector, and insurance agent to complete the transaction. Additionally, many buyers will want to restore or upgrade the house they are considering buying. They often need estimates prior to making an offer. Our networking folders provide your prospective buyers with the resources they need to complete a purchase, and with your guidance, your folder will contain the businesses with whom you prefer to give referrals.

You, as the sponsor, have no costs associated with the folder. The design, production, and delivery are underwritten by the advertisers. They are all looking for ways to reach your clients — people in the process of buying a home. For the advertiser, your home buyer is the person they want to target with their advertising dollars.


Network Publications SMART FOLDER™ for realtors

SMART FOLDER QR CodeNetwork Publications is the exclusive publisher of the SMART FOLDER — a folder which includes a barcode that enables a direct link from the folder to your website using a smart phone. Real estate agents will never again have to interrupt their showings to retrieve information or additional listings for clients. All information contained on your website is now immediately available with one click of a smart phone.



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