Advertiser Sponsored Marketing Tools

Network Publications is an American-owned and operated publishing company that specializes in realtor-sponsored networking folders. We provide these folders to real estate agencies that give the folders to home buyers that need realtor advice and referrals in order to buy, maintain or upgrade the home they're purchasing.

Network Publications publishes folders for established real estate agencies. Utilizing a referral list supplied by the sponsoring realtor we then sell advertisements to the businesses that the real estate agency regularly makes referrals. The benefit to the home buyer is that with the SMART FOLDER they have all the necessary resources to buy a house from inspection through obtaining a bank loan and fixing a leaky faucet. The benefit to the realtor is that it provides an attractive means of giving listing and closing information to the buyer.


Made in the USA

Have confidence that you're going to get your folders when you expect them. You won't have to wait for them to clear customs. Network Publications sales and folder production takes place in Connecticut. Our team of sales, design, and production people are there to assist you in getting the highest quality product — when you expect it.


Total Marketing Support

Barbeau-Hutchings Advertising, Inc. will support Network Publications in designing folders and producing other marketing tools. BHA is a full service agency providing advertising, marketing, public relations, print and electronic direct mail, printed collateral materials, market research, website and electronic media, and trade show graphics. Our customers serve industrial and technology markets including semiconductor, analytical instrumentation, materials and pharmaceuticals.

Network Publications also has strategic partners in website design, search engine optimization, video production, and trade show booths.


Gregg Hutchings
Gregg Hutchings has over 25 years experience in business-to-business advertising serving a diverse range of clients in the semiconductor, analytical instrumentation, chemicals, materials, and industrial markets. He has been providing objectives-based marketing support by creating advertising, public relations, print and electronic direct mail, printed collateral materials, market research, websites and electronic media, and trade show graphics.